Welcome to my portfolio website.  There are images here dating back to 2002 when I loaded my family into a minivan and drove from Massachusetts to California and then back again.  My love affair with image-making began much earlier than that though.  High school events and sports, college newspaper, and dabbling with Pentax and then Nikon film cameras gave way to early landscape attempts.  The cross-country trip called for digital after a long hiatus and that meant a Canon G series point and shoot.  By today's standards, it was primitive, but at the time it opened my eyes to the possibilities of digital capture and post-processing.  I survived (barely) an HDR phase and then I overcooked every image with contrast, saturation, and clarity boosts to the point of visual stupor.  Today, it's a far simpler vision.  With Fujifilm X cameras.
And it's always a work in progress... which is why I can't stop doing it.
Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Please consider using the contact page for that purpose.
And feel free to follow me on Instagram at reyspadoni.
Thank you.
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